Shattered Faith

Shattered Faith

El Nada, The Sanitys

Fri, July 28, 2017

7:00 pm

Diego's Rock N Roll Bar & Eats

Santa Ana, CA


This event is 21 and over

Shattered Faith
Shattered Faith
Shattered Faith has been writing and performing original punk rock since 1979 and are recognized as pioneers in the first wave of Southern California punk rock bands (like Social Distortion, TSOL, Black Flag, Fear, Circle Jerks, & many others from the late 70's). These bands lived hard and fast, challenged authority, played loud, and ultimately defined the SoCal punk scene for generations to come.

The members of Shattered Faith made their mark on the scene with their dark, melodic, upbeat sound grinding out punk rock classics like 'Reagan Country', 'I Love America', 'Right is Right', and 'Trilogy'. Now with the 2 new 7” singles on Hostage Records, the band has sparked a new revival. Over the years the band has developed a loyal following that continues to this day. Now their sound is being handed down to whole new generation of kids. Together or individually they have spawned a number of Bands & Side projects over the past 35 years. Such as The U.S. Bombs, Firecracker 500, the Pushers, El Centro, Big Hippy Party, The Main, the Schitz & Bad Luck Charms, to name a few.

These guys are still churning out music & doing it with the true spirit that made them the Punk Legends they are. Shattered Faith is in a class of its own, Never conforming to what anyone else did. They know their craft & do it better than anyone.. Staying true to their sound leaving a message that is still current & will live on for generations to come.

Shattered Faith is:
Spencer Bartsch on Vocals
Kerry Martinez on guitar & vocals
Denny MaGahey on guitar & vocals
Bobby Tittle on Bass & Vocals
Chris Moon on Drums

Alternate Players

Branden Bartsch on guitar & vocals

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, this is the real deal featuring all the original members from their 1981 debut 12” “Shattered Faith Live” & they are coming to your town & bringing with them their signature Orange County
California Punk sound. Consider yourself warned!
El Nada
El Nada
With a name like El Nada, "the nothing", some might conclude that this powerful Orange County based band is a nilhistic punk outfit with nothing to say. But they would be wrong. El Nada, through the 18 years of its existence knows the difference between having nothing, and having a musical core of friendship and family of the kind that now produces some of the most powerful, aggressive punk rock music currently coming out of Southern California. With the release of their self titled debut album, El Nada shows that they indeed have something; something born of new unity and the inherent passion for music that will not easily be dismissed. Five guys who decided that just because they grew up on the streets of Santa Ana, Ca did not mean they had to follow everyone else's notion of musical culture by playing funk or hip-hop. Punk rock, often misperceived as the exclusive domain for disenfranchised, white suburban males, proved to be the perfect vehicle for the boys in El Nada to reflect upon the wild ironies in their world. From the drugs, murders, guns, multicultural lifestyles, poverty, ignorance and intolerance to beaches skateboarding, beer, girls, friends and family, and the freedom to express themselves however they chose. "Every day is another story in this wild city and behind the Orange Curtin" guitarist Pat Hernandez states. "Our songs tell a small part of a much bigger picture." Seven years can be a lifetime in the dysfunctional world of punk rock. The story of how El Nada has survived since 1995 is one best told by the guys themselves. Suffice to say, that just seeing Cadillac Tramp and Ex-Member/Manic Hispanic Gabby Gaborno front man do his thing made being a punker with Hispanic roots look easy. Practicing in the same studio and taking cues from those around them practically insured that the guys in El Nada would take many a wrong turn in their crazy quest to keep having fun while trying just to survive. By 2000, after a particularly long layoff, core member guitarist Pat Hernandez and Santa Ana born neighbor guitarist Danny Wong reeled in original drummer and lead vocalist Aaron Maturino for the final time. Disgusted and annoyed by all the "pretty" bubble punk gumming up the airways, El Nada was determined to make their stand. The typical band churning of members and breakups ensured that much like their mentors, the road El Nada would take would not be an easy one. Converting guitarist Arvin Mani to bass proved to be one of the final pieces of the puzzle. The ensuing return to the club scene proved to everyone concerned that the time for El Nada had come. Show after show proved that while slightly older and wiser, they could still rip it up, and with authority. Besides everyone was having a blast, and at the end of the day that was what it was about. The next step, that step not taken so many times before, was to record. 21 songs in 48 hours to be exact. That they had made it this far, far enough to have their songs see the light of day made it all the better. But this story doesn't end with that D.I.Y CD that they were now selling out of at each and every show. That El Nada managed to capture so many powerful, good songs in so little time was stunning to say the least. Finger Records owner Mel Schantz quickly realized that El Nada played the kind of old school punk that needed to be heard, and signed the band. El Nada and Finger Records began to rework the demo CDR into the album it was to become. That was the push the band needed. Quickly they began to remix what were obviously punk rock classics with a particularly soulful, Hispanic twist. Blown speakers ranchero style Holmes. Songs about standing up overcoming and being proud of your roots. A 21-song demo got turned into a representative work that feels like a classic. Roaring guitars, non-stop bass lines, and shredding drums. Oh yea, and a bunch of guys who sing like they wanna destroy. In a nut shell, El Nada brings the street experience to vinyl. They put the Sex and Drugs back into the Rock formula, mix in tales of their common street experiences with a healthy sense of humor and saturate it with punk rock riffs which recall the rich Orange County punk heritage of the Adolescents and just about any other old school punk band you wish you saw back in the day. Plenty of attitude, and a dash of what they call "Varrio style punk". Ferocious riffs and chord changes that will hook you forever. Old School is not dead, and El Nada proves
The Sanitys
The Sanitys
The Sanitys, are Jack K (guitar) Jack F (vox) Holden (bass) Riley (guitar) Miles (drums)
Venue Information:
Diego's Rock N Roll Bar & Eats
220 E 3rd Street
Santa Ana, CA, 92701