Harlis Sweetwater Band

Harlis Sweetwater Band

The Cornfed Project, The Legendary Swagger

Sat, September 23, 2017

8:00 pm

Diego's Rock N Roll Bar & Eats

Santa Ana, CA


This event is 21 and over

Harlis Sweetwater Band
Harlis Sweetwater Band
"Music has always been a huge part of my life.
From the time I was 5 years old my mother was playin' great music in
the house. Cats like Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley...she sang and played a
little bit of guitar too.

When I was 7 my mother sat down with me and showed me an
album she had. It was Chuck Berry's Golden Decade Vol. 1. and When I
opened that double record set and saw the photo of him on the
inside, man, that did it.
Iconic photo. Chuck lookin' down at his guitar, flooded in stage lights,
sweat drippin off him...THAT, is Rock N' Roll, and THAT'S what I wanna
do! I wanted to be THAT guy!"

From Huntington Beach California, Harlis Sweetwater, as a
singer /guitarist/ songwriter and frontman, has shared the stage
with everyone from Jimmie Vaughan, ZZ Top, Los Lobos
Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Everlast, and Brian Setzer to
R&B/Blues legends Etta James, James Cotton, and Wilson Pickett to
name a few.

He has been called "the best singer in any genre" by music critic Robert Kinsler of the OC Register, While SugarBuzz Magazine had this to say: "From the heart, Harlis Sweetwater,you know instantly the real deal is upon you. This man knows the blues." Recently CBS online named Harlis one of Orange County's best singer songwriters

Harlis first arrived on the scene with his band Barrelhouse O.C. and the group came into its own in the early 1990s. A favorite of L.A. and Orange County CA music critics, the band possessed a deep passion for the music of Otis Redding. It was the groups mission to bring Soul music to the masses behind the orange curtain. With a 3 piece horn section, piano, 2 guitars, bass and drums, and Harlis's broad and gravely vocals at the helm, the band was like an explosive soul revue.
The band quickly became known for their highly entertaining shows and authentic southern soul sound. After 3 albums and an EP they began feeling like they had run their course and called it quits in 2001. After the break up, Harlis experimented with other styles and genres, but he longed to get back to the music that inspired him.

He Formed the Harlis Sweetwater Band in 2012 to get back to the Blues/Soul and Americana music he loves. He enlisted fellow musicians Jimmy Sena on Drums and Jason Holser playing Bass; both with extensive recording and performing experience, to lay down a solid foundation of groove for His wild, bluesy & intense guitar playing and husky soulful voice. The group often times plays with the 3 piece horn section of Geoff Yeaton (Saxophone) , Jed Thurkettle (Trombone) and Ken Effrem Shaw (Trumpet) known as the "Voodoo Horns", two of whom are former Barrelhouse members.

The chemistry of the bands players makes for high energy performances that both entertain and mesmerize, and often times the party on stage rivals the one in the audience, making the Harlis Sweetwater Band one of the more fun and entertaining bands to see live.

The band released "Lights Goin' Down" in Oct. 2012, to rave reviews. Gary Schwind of the Examiner.com stated "This Album Is Brilliant." and Incognito Magazine wrote in its review of the album "If you want some music you can feel and not just hear, check out this band." The album was featured in iTunes Blues "New and Noteworthy" section, made several appearances in iTunes top 200 best selling blues albums and the song "I Can't Justify" charted #46 on the U.S. Blues Charts as well as their songs appearing on Blues Charts in Ireland, Sweden and New Zealand.

The groups second album "Put It In Dirt" released May 2014, debuted on iTunes Top 200 Best Selling Blues albums at #106 and reached #30 and continues to receive rave reviews from all over the world.
The Cornfed Project
The Cornfed Project
Jimmy Carter was on the television, sweating and stammering, trying to explain the gas crisis and skyrocketing inflation. Out behind the barn, 14-year-old Cornfed (Matt Wheeler) was busy building a drum kit out of corncobs, hog bones, and old whiskey barrels. Skynyrd blared from the 8-track in his daddy's Ford. Little Cornfed learned to bang out primitive rhythms, but soon grew bored and looked for other ways to scratch his musical itch. So he stole a banged-up acoustic guitar from his second cousin/girlfriend, hotwired a tractor, and headed west.

Half a world away in a tiny village in Uzbekistan, a teenager named Christopher Shinkus ran screaming down an unpaved alley. An old woman in a shawl chased him carrying a gnarled stick. She was surprisingly agile, her feet seeming to skim lightly above the path. But Chris got away and kept running until he woke up nearly two decades later in Venice, CA. Some say the curse she put on him persists to this day. All we know for sure is that Chris will never lick frogs and wander naked into strangers' houses again. Probably.

Little Nathan Walker sat in his mother's lap. He was 16 and his mom was smokin' hot, so he just liked sitting in her lap. So what? Who's to judge? At night he'd lock himself in his room and doodle on a secret notepad he kept under his mattress. Interestingly, the sketches resembled elaborate gear endorsement deals and outlandish performance riders. Nate had always been precocious, and we love him for it to this day.

On the day Jeff Moses played his first rock show, the last witch put to death in Salem was cut down from the gallows. As he packed up his borrowed gear and climbed into the back seat of Huey's smelly Corolla, he wondered what fate awaited him for his sins. And then the phone rang. Cornfed needed a guitar player.

That's about it, really. These days The Cornfed Project rocks the balls off audience members every chance they get. Which isn't too often because who wants their balls rocked off? Regardless, Cornfed (vocals, guitar), Shinkus (bass, vocals), Nate (drums), and Moses (guitar) stay busy driving sonic nails through eardrums, melting faces, and turning fans of hard rock into fans of The Cornfed Project. And you, fucker, are next.
The Legendary Swagger
The Legendary Swagger
The Legendary Swagger will ride again! We miss playing shows a lot, so it's time to get back at it. Just gonna play a few shows here and there when we have time, but can't wait to get back on stage!
Venue Information:
Diego's Rock N Roll Bar & Eats
220 E 3rd Street
Santa Ana, CA, 92701