The Grabbers

The Grabbers

Shattered Faith, The Berzerkers

Fri, November 3, 2017

8:00 pm

Diego's Rock N Roll Bar & Eats

Santa Ana, CA


This event is all ages

The Grabbers
The Grabbers
OC Punk Rock
Shattered Faith
Shattered Faith
Shattered Faith has been writing and performing original punk rock since 1979 and are recognized as pioneers in the first wave of Southern California punk rock bands (like Social Distortion, TSOL, Black Flag, Fear, Circle Jerks, & many others from the late 70's). These bands lived hard and fast, challenged authority, played loud, and ultimately defined the SoCal punk scene for generations to come.

The members of Shattered Faith made their mark on the scene with their dark, melodic, upbeat sound grinding out punk rock classics like 'Reagan Country', 'I Love America', 'Right is Right', and 'Trilogy'. Now with the 2 new 7” singles on Hostage Records, the band has sparked a new revival. Over the years the band has developed a loyal following that continues to this day. Now their sound is being handed down to whole new generation of kids. Together or individually they have spawned a number of Bands & Side projects over the past 35 years. Such as The U.S. Bombs, Firecracker 500, the Pushers, El Centro, Big Hippy Party, The Main, the Schitz & Bad Luck Charms, to name a few.

These guys are still churning out music & doing it with the true spirit that made them the Punk Legends they are. Shattered Faith is in a class of its own, Never conforming to what anyone else did. They know their craft & do it better than anyone.. Staying true to their sound leaving a message that is still current & will live on for generations to come.

Shattered Faith is:
Spencer Bartsch on Vocals
Kerry Martinez on guitar & vocals
Denny MaGahey on guitar & vocals
Bobby Tittle on Bass & Vocals
Chris Moon on Drums

Alternate Players

Branden Bartsch on guitar & vocals

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, this is the real deal featuring all the original members from their 1981 debut 12” “Shattered Faith Live” & they are coming to your town & bringing with them their signature Orange County
California Punk sound. Consider yourself warned!
Venue Information:
Diego's Rock N Roll Bar & Eats
220 E 3rd Street
Santa Ana, CA, 92701